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When Torchwood came to Rhossili

January 25th-27th 2011

I found out on 17th January that the BBC were coming to film parts of their new series of Torchwood in Rhossili, but obviously, to respect their privacy and secrecy I didn't broadcast the event until 26th January, by which time they had issued their own press release in the local paper:



Rhossili car park on 26th January - full of vehicles from the BBC and associates

On the 26th I walked over Rhossili Down and although there had been an explosion or two nothing could be seen because of the enormity of the setting and the slope of the Down itself. Anyone who hasn't been to Rhossili Bay would find it difficult to comprehend just what a vast expanse it is.

A black helicopter was flying up and over Rhossili Down and dropping down the contours of the hill, so low to the ground that it took my breath away. I guess, we should be accustomed to the search and rescue helicopters in Rhossili, but the skill of these guys really amazes me.

In the evening, I tentatively suggested to my friend through Twitter that the crew and cast might appreciate some of her homemade brownies and we tweeted them. The next day was the final day of filming in Rhossili and since we had not received a reply to the tweet, we decided to take them down to the crew, or rather, since Kate couldn't leave the house, I took them...


Kate with the bags of Brownies, packed for John Barrowman
and the crew and cast of Torchwood.

When I arrived at the car park, a kind security guard directed me to the office where a member of the staff thanked me for the thought. I had my dogs with me and continued to walk out towards Worms Head. By the time that I was halfway there, Kate had tweeted to say that John Barrowman had phoned her personally to thank her for the present. What a really decent guy! I was sceptical as to the authenticity, but it has since been verified as completely legitimate.

Mid-afternoon, there was a high speed car chase along the beach with the helicopter that I had seen before, albeit from my vantage point, they hardly appeared to be moving at all.


There were a few things that I saw during the afternoon, which made me smile.

1. I had to smile at the locals who were taking so much interest in the filming!


The (woolly) locals watching events unfold

2. Another local who was called upon for assistance with their tractor to pull the lorry out of the mud!


3. The green screen (don't know what the technical term is) that appeared to blow over in the breeze that characterises Rhossili.
I really hope that nobody was hurt, but we're used to the wind here... and sometimes it does look funny


I took loads of photos and video clips but don't want to show many in case I give anything of the plot away.

I have to sympathise with everyone who was outside. The wind really was bitterly cold and even though I had three coats on, I was completely frozen, just standing around. Every member of the crew that I spoke to was very polite and I was never asked to move on or to stop taking photos (mind you, I wasn't really on the set, it was still quite a long way away).

At the end of the day, gas fires were lit on the beach. I have been told by a member of the crew what they were for. I shan't tell, but offer you my own thought and that is, that they were hoping to warm up!!!


Good luck guys. I hope that the series is a great success! I can't wait to see it and watch what you have done. Thanks for visiting us.



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