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Ornithology and animals in Gower,
Mumbles and Swansea

Whiteford Lighthouse

Whiteford Lighthouse in the Burry Estuary

Whiteford Burrows/Sands and the area around the estuary in Llanrhidian and Llanmadoc is an absolute haven for wildlife and birds. I noticed late one afternoon in January 2005 that I was surrounded by thousands of birds. Their calls were deafening and I watched them soar and dive in the last rays of the Winter sun. Fantastic. How many more then, must there be in Summer? There is a great diversity too, as the National Nature Reserve constitutes mature woodlands, marshes and wetlands.

As you would expect, since Gower is an AONB and owned partly by the National Trust and the Glamorgan Wildlife Trust, it is generally a sanctuary for wildlife.

Visitors to my holiday home left a note in the visitors book to say that it is "a walkers' and birdwatchers' paradise". Since then, I have become more aware of the number of birdwatchers that come to Gower. (Especially when one of my relatives looked out of my window one morning and saw two young men staring up at the tree in our garden with binoculars.
"We're not looking in your bedroom window, honest. It's just, you've got a rare bird in your tree!")
Over the subsequent weeks, we found many binocular clad visitors walking up and down for hours to see this bird that had been reported as an infrequent visitor to Gower.

Another site that deserves a mention is Gower Bird Hospital for the fantastic work that they are doing treating and rehabilitating wildlife casualties and returning them to the wild.

Other national sites:
The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust   The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust has a National wetlands Centre in Carmarthen.
RSPB   The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, has one of its reserves Cwm Clydach, in Swansea.
This mixed broadleaved woodland is home to breeding pied flycatchers, redstarts and buzzards. The Lower Clydach river flows through the centre of the reserve.
Animal attractions
Click to enlarge Wales Ape and Monkey Sanctuary, Abercrave, Swansea Valley:
A place of safety for homeless and abused animals from across the world.  Come and see the work we are doing to help make animal suffering a thing of the past.  Make your mate a primate.  01639 730276

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